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Backlot Sound Disclaimer*

Backlot Sound Disclaimer*

Silver Dream Factory is a boutique studio and although we are located in an industrial Business area, it was with great care that we chose this particular building/city/area. It's on a street that dead-ends, it's not on a major street, it's not in a high crime area (less police sirens and helicopters) it's not directly under a major flight path and there are no other major industries behind us.


That being said, the BACKLOT SET is an outside exterior standing set and is susceptible to sound "contamination" for lack of a better term.  Silver Dream Factory can not guarantee that there will not be any sound contamination from autos, trucks, any flying machines, businesses and any unforeseen sounds made by daily business operations, wild life, weather patterns, humans, insects, bug that can change from day to day. You are solely responsible for making the determination if the BACKLOT STANDING SET is suitable for your production.

Thank you,

Roland Cañamar

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