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After discovering his passion for filmmaking at the age of 12, Roland Cañamar proceeded to dive head first into the craft. While in Jr High and High School, he creating both documentaries and narrative short films on super 8mm he was recognized by many as a prolific filmmaker with a promising future. Armed with a thirst for storytelling and the praises of his mentor and peers, he decided that film production would be his career, as well as his passion.


1983 saw his first win for Best Drama, Best in Show at the Orange County Fair Film Festival, film titled "Dreamer", Best Cinematographer in the Cal State Northridge Film Festival 1985, film titled "Seduction", Roland was on the right track. Fresh from college, Roland worked for two years as main cameraman at a Southern California television station network which broadcast worldwide.



The Founder

At 25, while still working at the television network (TBN) he started his first company, The Mini Mini Grip & Lighting which supplied equipment for short films, commercials and corporate videos. Soon thereafter, Roland began shooting as a cinematographer on corporate videos and films which quickly grew his company and enabled him to form Cañamar Motion Pictures.


Adapting to local trends, Cañamar Motion Pictures relocated from Santa Ana to Laguna Niguel, California to better serve the growing corporate video market that was supported by the booming business economy. This location soon evolved into a full service motion picture film production facility with lighting packages, cameras, stages and standing sets. Business continued at a steady pace and by February 2001, Silver Dream Factory was born. Silver Dream Factory is now located in Anaheim serving Indie Features and is situated within the 30 Mile Zone.   


The Founder

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