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Student Rates Set Rental

discounts on Grip & Lighting Packages and pre-lit set lighting

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A Note From The Founder

As founder and Studio Chief of Silver Dream Factory I am committed to giving student filmmakers the best possible experience and the opportunity to facilitate their film studies.


I was fortunate enough to have received one of my best ever Christmas gifts back in 1976, a GAF Super 8 sound camera, thanks dad! I spent hundreds of hours shooting short stories, documentaries and anything that looked interesting. I eventually ended up studying at Saddleback College and Cal Stage University Northridge in the early 1980's. 

Needless to say, as a young filmmaker I journeyed through the process and was mentored by a few wonderful individuals along the way who influenced me in a very positive direction. My journeys did lead me to a career as a DP, Producer and Director.  

My hope is to give all student filmmakers the creative canvas to expand their scope of their ingenuity as they navigate through the cinema arts.

Founder/Studio Chief/Producer

PS-Please call me if you have any additional question? 


Does My Film Qualify for Student Discounts?

To qualify for the student discounts, all students must be verified before it can be applied generous discounts to set rental, Grip & Lighting packages etc.





Student discounts will be granted at the sole discretion of Silver Dream Factory. *NOTE: Student "Feature Length" films do no qualify for student discount.

Sample Of Student Discount Pricing

Student Rates
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