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Silver Crew List

Silver Dream Factory, we are always looking for ways to help producers to facilitate their productions with ease. That's why we have introduced the Silver Crew Page We are simply letting you know that these VERY talented individuals are available for crewing to give producers the ultimate in convenience and service. These are individuals that have been *Tried & True as part of the Silver Dream Factory film community. Silver Dream Factory does not represent these artists, we are not an agency. You negotiate with the crew with whatever terms suit your crew budget, we won't stand between. Some may have representation and some will not. All payments will be made directly to each crew member. However, Silver Dream Factory will negotiate and coordinate if Silver Dream Factory is acting as production company on your production.


Tried and True - Adj. - tested and proven to be reliable  

time-tested, tried, tested

dependable, reliable - worthy of reliance or trust; a reliable source of information;

a dependable worker.

Assistant Director

John Aguirre  DGA  (Narrative, Commercial, Music Video)

(323) 466-1905


John Aguirre  DGA  (Narrative, Commercial, Music Video)

(323) 466-1905

Craig Barker   Dir/DP (Commercial/Music Video/Corporate)

(323) 733-9839


David Winters Dir/DP  (Commercial/Music Video/Corporate)

(949) 542-6892

Directors of Photography

Craig Barker DP/Op (Commercial/Music Video/Corporate)

(323) 733-9839 


David Winters DP/Op (Commercial/Music Video/Corporate)

(949) 542-6892


Dustin Ong  (Corporate, Promos, Commercials, Music Video, Narrative)


Gaffers/Key Grips, Best Boys, Grips & Electrics

David Adams (Gaffer, Best Boy, Key Grip)

(818) 691-6477

Glenn Bondock (Gaffer, Best Boy, Key Grip)

(323) 377-6601

Yohan Herman (Best Boy, Key Grip, Swing)

(859) 221-1461

Harris Smith (Best Boy, Key Grip, Swing)

(949) 701-7095

Pat White (Gaffer, Best Boy, Key Grip)

(949) 235-9974

Registered Nurse/Technical Adviser

Christina Cannarella


Sound Mixer

John Franco (Commercial/Corporate/Documentary)

(949) 400-1830

Make-up Artist

Christen Hiller (Narrative/Commercial/Music Video, Fashion)

(714) 336-3726

Studio Teachers

Daniel Drabinsky Licensed California Studio Teacher  

STC-58975 (818) 419-2376

Heather Siembieda  Licensed California Studio Teacher 

(909) 553-4021  Certificate #156849

Karen M. Ellison  Licensed California Studio Teacher

#378 (714) 872-3933

Linda Erikson   Licensed California Studio Teacher

(714) 891-8792 and (714) 230-9695

Dierdre Dizon  Licensed California Studio Teacher

(714) 319-5847  Certificate #151109

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