prices are for flowershop interior only. any extorior shooting will be charged as an exterior backlot price schedule.

Set Designer/Builder/Decorator: Roland Cañamar

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Standard Rate  $1,275.


Our Flowershop Standing Set is just perfect for that endearing chick flick. No need to deal with noisy refrigerator units while a grumpy shop owner watches their inventory die as you attempt to shoot your "Love Story". Enjoy the peace and quiet as you shoot to your heart's desire! Fully stocked with "never-die" silk flowers, vases, ribbon rack and work area. 


Store Standing Set
Flower shop Standing set
Flower shop Standing set
Flower shop Standing set
Flower shop Standing set interior
Farmville Commercial
Flower shop Standing set sidewalk
Flower shop Standing set
Flower shop Standing set interior
Flower shop Standing set

Flowershop Fact Sheet

(24'x 10' Interior)

Color: Blue/Green
Floors: Vinyl Wood (Light pine)
Ceilings: Yes
Wall Heights: 10'
Power: Yes(20amps-40amps)
Lighting: Pre-lit (Flourescent Ceiling)
Set Designer/Decorator: Roland Cañamar
-Counter With Cash Register
-Flower Cart
-Flower Display
-Silk Flowers
1. Every Valentine's Day locals line-up around the block waiting for the Flowershop to open not knowing that it's a movie set!
2. The 1935 movie "Shop Around The Corner" was inspired by events that occurred between two PA's working on the Backlot at the same time on two different sets. The sets are so realistic that they began to believe that they were working in a small town and fell in love!
3. The flowers aren't real!
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