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Silver Dream Factory Standing Sets

Silver Dream Factory specializes in complete motion picture standing sets for feature films, indie features, short films, commercials, documentaries, music videos, educational or corporate productions. Our standing sets are semi-permanent "locations", integrated and pre-propped, offering EZ set-up and ready to light. All of our standing sets are complete standing sets, meaning, for example our House standing set is a complete house (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and study) and can be shot 360°. There's no waiting around for your set to be built!


Our standing sets include a Hospital, Police Station, House/Apartment, Diner, Flower Shop and Airplane Mock-ups. We are now offering a Backlot complete with street, sidewalks, shops (Diner & Flower Shop) and everything needed to create a hometown feel or big city look.

And best of all, there are NO "FILM L.A." PERMITS required even though Silver Dream Factory is in The 30 Mile Zone! That's another $avings you can bank on!


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