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Music Video Disclaimer*

Although Silver Dream Factory will not place two productions in the same shooting areas at the same time (Backlot or Stage) you may be asked to reduce audio playback levels. For example, if your production is shooting in the Backlot and another production is shooting in an Interior Set in our stage, then you'll be asked to reduce your audio playback levels. This may result in playback levels that you're not used to during most playback situations, but just enough for the artist to hear. Adjustments may need to be made along the way, depending on where on the Backlot you're shooting in relationship to the other occupied Interior Set.


All crews will have to keep their talking and work to a quiet level :) so as not to disturb the other production.


However, if both shoots are Music Videos or your production is the only one at Silver Dream Factory for the day then pump up the volume and let it rock, within reason.  :)

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